Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our Student Author Celebration - Red Carpet Readers

Second grade writers evolve so much during the school year! They go from writing brief summaries to full blown stories with dialogue and moving plots. It's important to acknowledge and celebrate that growth with my littles and their families! That's why I began a tradition in my classroom ...

Each May, my students become author stars for a day! The day is focused on making them feel special and proud of their accomplishments. Here is how I do that:

1. They get all dressed up ... at least those who's parents can get them out of the athletic gear for a day. :)

2. Setting the scene is SUPER important! I glam it up! There is a "red carpet" made of red stars with each name written in sparkles, a silver curtain, table clothes, and centerpieces. Plus, you can't forget the cookies and juice for them to share with their guests!

3. Each Red Carpet Reader tells the group a little about themselves. You know, because we're all dying to know more about these celebrity writers! I suggest they say hello in the native language of their guests. Sometimes they even wear cultural clothes "to make their guests feel welcome"!

4. After the presentations, it's finally time to share their writing portfolios with their special guests! This is the final draft of every piece of writing from the entire year.

It's important to make sure ad administrator is available in case a students doesn't have a "special guest"!
You can see how special this is to everyone in the room!! Both the parents AND the students are beaming with pride! This my favorite celebration of the school year!