Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to help parents understand Common Core - FREEBIE!

Is it really conference time already? How is that even possible?!
And only 52 days until Christmas ... just saying! EEK!

Anyway, this year I really wanted to create a resource that would help parents get a better understanding of what reading looks like in my classroom now that we're fully invested in the Common Core standards. I think about what reading was like when I was in school and realize it is completely different! If that's what my parents are envisioning, they probably feel helpless when it comes to working with their child at home.

I decided to make 3 new resources. The first is simply explaining how 2nd grade readers have changed since we were in school. The next 2 are tips on building reading comprehension skills and writing skills at home.

 You can grab them for FREE here!
I hope you find these helpful!

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