Sunday, September 6, 2015

Scientists at Work! Static Electricity!

In our Forces and Motion unit. My students are having a great time learning about pushes, pulls, gravity, and magnetism, but I think their favorite has been static electricity! Here is what our static electricity 2 day unit looked like...

1. Make static electricity! I had the BEST candidate for this one!

2. Make an empty pop can roll across the table without touching it! What?! Somehow I had no idea you could do this and it was SO cool to watch the reaction that my class had! We learned some more about static electricity and what is causing the force.

3. It was time for the students to put their scientist hats on and do some experimenting. Partners worked together using my lab report template to follow the Scientific Process.

Can 2nd Graders really follow the scientific process on their own with minimal guidance from their teacher? (This was the question I asked myself over and over!) The answer is YES and they did a great job! I will say that we had already written a lab report together as guided practice - a very important step to them gaining their independence. Here are some pictures of the students testing their hypotheses ...

What great little scientists! If you're interested in my lab report template, you can find it at my TPT store. Here's a peek at the front cover!

This report covers each section of the scientific process:
1. Question
2. Hypothesis
3. Materials
4. Procedures
5. Data
6. Results
7. Conclusion


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