Thursday, August 27, 2015

Measurement Garden

Before I even begin telling about this lesson, I have to tell you how it ended! After picking up the final piece of construction paper and placing it in the scrap bin, I said, "I think that might have been the most fun I've had with math all year!" The response was perfect. The entire class said in unison: "That was MATH?!" Oh geez! Thank you Mrs. Bunch for being your creative self and coming up with this lesson. It was obviously a hit!

We started by reading the book Sunflowers Measure Up. It was the perfect introduction to the lesson.

After reviewing measurement for a bit, it was time to get crafty! We divided up the garden elements that we would make. The other classes made sunflowers. My class was in charge of making the butterflies, clouds, and the sun.

Partners were given a post-it with what they would make and the width it needed to be. I was VERY tough and required the measurements to be perfect. This isn't my typical style, but I really liked to see the problem solving when they came up short or a little over! They were so proud when their creations were finally perfect!
Here is our final product!

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